New! Seattle Safety ServoSled 700

“Sled-in-a-box” turnkey solution for component testing

The ServoSled 700 performs seat, child seat, seatbelt, and battery regulatory pulses as well as more complex frontal vehicle pulses. Built on the proven ServoSled technologies being used in more than 50 safety labs worldwide, the compact “sled-in-a-box” is ready to use right out of the container with a short installation time that requires no major civil work.


Seattle Safety Dynamic Pitch Upgrade


The Dynamic Pitch Upgrade is an economical add-on allowing labs to simulate pitch without modifying your existing ServoSled system.

Adding pitch simulation to sled test systems for full frontal impact testing can improve the correlation of occupant injury performance between sled tests and barrier tests, providing engineers with better design data resulting in better engineering and safer vehicles.




Safety testing solutions from the market leader

Seattle Safety leads the market in sled test systems with the most advanced technology and a full spectrum of products and services. We’ve installed more than 60 systems for major manufacturers around the world. We’re ready to support you with a complete system approach from expert systems integration and training to a broad range of test solutions including:

  • ServoSled™ catapult sled systems
  • Decelerator sleds
  • Lighting systems
  • Crash test barriers